Application Requirements

All online applications must submit the following as exhibits:

  • Personal resumes of the principal administrator or administrators of the subject project or program.
  • An organization-wide budget as well as a project/program budget, if applying for project/program support. The Foundation requires the use of the AGM Budget Template. This template is available for download within the application. Budgets must include the following:
    • time period covered by the budget. The budget(s) submitted must be for the fiscal year during which awarded funds would be expended;
    • revenue, categorized by anticipated sources: e.g., grants, contracts, fees for services, fundraising event, annual solicitations, interest, endowment income and in-kind support;
    • expenses: providing a line item expense budget, with narrative footnotes for those items which need further explanation.
  • A list of the other sources of support. Please include committed and pending requests, and indicate source, amount and status
  • Current board membership with relevant background and affiliations.
  • If your organization has received funding within the past five years, the final report on that grant must be submitted with the new request, even if it has already been submitted.
  • Audited financial statements for the two most recently completed fiscal years (if your organization is required to conduct such audits) or the Applicant’s IRS Form 990 returns for the two most recently completed tax years. Financial statements must cover at least 24 months, and the most recent statement must be no more than 20 months old at the time of the deadline.
    • If you cannot meet this requirement, please wait to apply until the next quarterly round or such later time as you have that audit or Form 990.
    •  If your organization is applying using a Fiscal Sponsor, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for special instructions regarding your financials.

Please note that we cannot accept DRAFT financials, unaudited accountants reviews, or unaudited internal financial statements.

Incomplete proposals will be ineligible for review, and applicants will be notified in time to apply for the next grant cycle.

Questions? Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page