Our Work

The Clipper Ship Foundation aims to improve the lives of society’s most vulnerable populations. Towards that end, the Foundation supports nonprofit organizations serving individuals living in Greater Boston (defined as cities and towns on or within Route 128) and the cities of Lawrence and Brockton.

The Foundation’s priority funding areas focus on the following:

Housing and shelter

Target population:  Individuals and families experiencing or at risk for homelessness

Examples of target impacts:

  • increased availability of, and expanded access to, affordable housing
  • reduced displacement of cost-burdened and at-risk households
  • increased capacity and enhancement of emergency shelters
  • operation of transitional shelters and housing for youth, immigrants & refugees, persons recovering from addictions, survivors of domestic violence, and other affected populations
  • provision of independent and/or assisted living housing or hospice care for the elderly poor and terminally ill

Foster care

Target population:  Youth entering, currently in, or aging out of foster care

Examples of target impacts:

  • The best possible placement of youth in appropriate homes/settings,
  • Support for youth in foster care and their foster families, and
  • Improved outcomes for youth in and exiting foster care, including higher rates of adoption, better health care, higher rates of educational attainment and increased connection to employment

Opportunity youth

Target population:  Youth ages 16-24 who are

  • Out of school and unemployed,
  • Enrolled in school, but not showing up regularly and not progressing academically,
  • Enrolled in college part-time and either unemployed or marginally employed, or
  • Not enrolled in school and only working part-time without benefits.

Examples of target impacts:

  • Acquisition of educational/skills credentials as a component of a futures pathway
  • Successful transition to adult life for youth with disabilities
  • Stabilized housing
  • Mental health treatment
  • Reduced recidivism
  • Substance abuse remediation

Organizations may apply for funding in only one of the three target areas.

Grant Award Potential:  $25,000–$100,000

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